Circular Design Studio

Design Studio Space Available has launched a new physical studio space and global Headquarters, acting as a catalyst for the new movement of circular design’.

Since its launch in 2020, Space Available has been at the forefront of the circular design movement, transforming ocean plastic and waste into innovative solutions across interior, architectural, furniture and fashion design.

The studio has now opened its first physical workspace in Bali, Indonesia, serving as a nucleus for the circular design movement, with a primary focus on recycling, upcycling, and bio design.

The 500 sqm renovated warehouse space is dedicated to collaboration, craftsmanship and ecological innovation, fully equipped with recycling machines,  upcycling stations and a biodesign lab (in collaboration with MycoWorks). The building also doubles as a showroom space for the studio’s furniture and products.

The inner workshop structure features a facade made from waste plastic offcuts, repurposed from the studio’s homeware and furniture production and all fixtures within the building are crafted from recycled materials.

The Circular Design Studio is a place of culture and creativity, not only for the in-house design team but also serving the wider community through workshops, talks, and exhibitions.

The studio is now open.

Siwilai Radical Club

Over 5 tons of recycled orange plastic was used in the project, using locally sourced waste. Bringing our ‘Radical Plastics’ ethos to Bangkok ♻️

The project was approached very much as a brand collaboration, with a mission to amplify circularity in Bangkok using culture as the vehicle of change.

Concept design, brand strategy, architectural / interior design direction and product design by Space Available Studio in collaboration with Siwilai.

Architecture by Patisandhika, Discotheque by Devon Turnbull
Dining Room by JBL4350
Branding, digital design & art direction by Anti Fragile Studio

Earth Island

Brand strategy and architectural concept design. The project is built entirely  from natural materials such as rammed earth, reclaimed wood and Ijuk grass. 

Radical Living Structure

Counter Culture Living in the 21st century.

Inspired by the DIY modular approach of Ken Isaacs ‘Living Structures’ (1974).

Low impact, modular and self-sufficient. Interchangeable from global locations for new nomadic living. Move and leave no footprint on the land.

An inter-connective link allows people to swap homes easily when traveling.

A 'waste to energy' system. Off-grid and self-sufficient within a community-led ‘back to the land regenerative system.

Made from recycled plastic and bio-based structure. Easy to assemble and disassemble.

The project is a collaboration with the architects of Sidarta and Sandjaja.

Museum of Space Available

‘Archiving Future Possibilities’

The Museum of Space Available (MOSA) is a new world gallery and circular design centre. Located physically in Bali, Indonesia. Connected globally through a Web 3.0 ecosystem.

MOSA is a platform for archiving future possibilities. It showcases the works of Space Available Studios and a community of artists, designers and scientists specialising in bio-innovation, radical recycling, upcycling and future craft.

The space also houses an Upcycling Bar and Recycling Stations offering free repair services for all space available customers, keeping our goods within a circular system.

Dover Street Market Singapore

Space Available will launch 12 exclusive edition Self Assembly Stools at Dover Street Market Singapore along with a special installation.

To celebrate the launch, 12 selected visitors will be able to create their own custom version of the stool that can be applied in a collaborative workshop through a hands-on learning experience.

The workshop will open with a brief theoretical session, and then transition into an interactive experience. Participants will be able to pick from a range of colours, resulting in a distinctive and unique stool design exclusive to workshop attendees. 

This limited release of the stool will be available only at the workshop on 03.02.24.

The Space Available 'Self Assembly Stool' is designed with a focus on circularity and practicality, and crafted entirely from 100% recycled plastic waste. Made entirely out of recycled ocean-bound plastics, the stool consists of only 5 pieces that fit together perfectly without any complicated tools or glue. The stool is fast and easy to assemble, disassemble, and can be easily recycled.

Limited to 12 workshop slots and 12 stools for the activation. Workshop is included with the purchase of a stool at SGD $550. 

Dover Street Market Ginza

Space Available, the circular design studio, has joined forces with Dover Street Market Ginza to present an in-store recycling workshop, igniting a spark for circularity and systems thinking within the heart of Ginza, Tokyo.

With a profound commitment to the environment and a passion for promoting circular design and waste-led design,Space Available and Dover Street Market Ginza are excited to introduce a new collaboration that aims to inspire, educate, and elevate the concept of recycling.

This workshop take place on the 28th of October, 2023, and will offer an immersive educational experience that turns waste into art and design objects.

To complement this workshop, an exclusive SA x DSMG‘Radical Recycling Uniform’ has been meticulously crafted.

Brain Dead

"The Mycelium Network" exhibition explores fungi through cultural collaboration with Space Available and LA design collective Brain Dead curating works from an international community of artists and designers, including furniture and objects.

This exhibition showcases Space Available's Radical Fungi case study, highlighting mycelium as a sustainable material solution. It aims to connect creators and environmentalists while addressing the harmful effects of toxicity and our wasteful culture. All items in the Mycelium Network exhibition are 100% natural, biodegradable, and can nourish the soil.

The exhibition at Brain Dead's Fabrication Gallery showcases mycelium-based works from various artists and design studios, including Space Available's Mycelium objects, Stools, Meditation Chair, collaborations with Max Lamb using fungi waste from Really Clever, mycelium table lamps by Bewilder, Reishi-based speakers from Myco Audio and Baltimore Loth, and organic mushroom stools by Dean Edmonds.

Nike x Space Available

Introducing Space Available x Nike circular objects for Nike’s Give Fresh Air initiative.

Since 2019, it has redefined Air Max Day on 26 Mar by uniting communities for charity.

Each year, Nike's Give Fresh Air program is hosted in boutiques worldwide. We were proud to join Invincible Indonesia's Give Fresh Air event.

Our studio made circular designs - 'Swoosh' incense holders and coasters from ocean-bound plastic waste.

Our Nike 'Swoosh' incense holders are crafted from 120 grams of recycled plastic, and our coasters use 75 grams of plastic removed from nature.

In partnership with Nike, we aim to encourage mindful design and a circular future. We created circular design objects for Invincible Indonesia's Give Fresh Air event - incense holders and coasters made from ocean-bound waste plastics.

Singapore National Design Center

SA01 Radical Plastics. Shown as part of the Waste Refinery exhibition at the Singapore National Design Centre.

A showcase of our practices around the recycling of waste plastic, upcycling of cotton t-shirts, and the studies of the Space Available Lab.

Space Available - Works - Singapore Design Centre Exhibition - T Shirt
Space Available - Works - Singapore Design Centre - Turntable - Record Box - Water Bottle

Peggy Gou x Space Available

Space Available has teamed up with Peggy Gou to recycle and redesign plastic trash in Java, Indonesia; the second biggest polluter of plastic in the world.

Our aim is to create awareness of the plastic pollution crises and inspire change through circular design and culture.

Using waste plastic not only helps to clean oceans and landfills but also creates further awareness on the issues we are facing in today's world.

20% of the profits from this collection will go towards our official partners at the Sumatran Orangutan Society. 

Materials: Upcycled post-consumer HDPE plastics
Source: Bali and Java, Indonesia
Impact: 6.320 bottle caps per chair
Produced in Bali, Indonesia

Alex Olson x Space Available

A collection of bottle-holders and sun hats created in collaboration with Alex Olson – pro-skater, music producer and founder of Call Me 917 and Bianca Chandon. 

Each product is made from recycled post-industrial plastic rope with sustainable bamboo frames and is hand-woven by Balinese artist Nano Uhero, supporting the preservation of an increasingly rare local craft. 

The recycled materials for this collection are collected from factories in Jakarta and other parts of Java. This collection is intended to transform our mindset around industrial waste. 

We believe in making space for nature. 20% of the profits from this collection are donated to our official partners, The Sumatran Orangutan Society, helping regenerate Indonesian forests and protect endangered orangutans.

Materials: Post-industrial plastic rope and ethically-sourced bamboo; upcycled cotton and broken twill
Source: Java, Indonesia
Produced in Bali, Indonesia

Artisan Chair

A chair for thinkers. Made from post-industrial recycled plastic, hand-woven over a rattan frame. Crafted by the hands of master weaver Nano Uhero. Due to the artisanal nature of the production process, no two chairs are the same in shape or pattern. Oversized in design.

Materials: Recycled post-industrial plastic rope and rattan
Source: Java, Indonesia
Produced in Bali, Indonesia

Collision Chair

A one-off collision of colours, shapes and waste materials. Recycled plastic seat, found in Bali, with an upcycled HDPE base. 

1/1 Edition.

Materials: Recycled post-industrial plastic rope, upcycled HDPE plastics
Source: Java and Bali, Indonesia
Produced in Bali, Indonesia

Meditation Chair

A chair for your higher self. Made from post-industrial recycled plastic. Hand-woven over a rattan frame. Crafted by the hands of master weaver Nano Uhero. Due to the artisanal nature of the production process, no two chairs are the same in shape or pattern. 

Made for your daily meditations.

Materials: Recycled post-industrial plastic rope and rattan
Source: Java, Indonesia
Produced in Bali, Indonesia

Record Box

A record box made from plastic waste which holds around 40 12-inch vinyl records. Due to the artisanal nature of the production process, each item varies in texture and colour tone. No two boxes are the same. Made from 100% recycled plastic with deadstock harness belts.

Materials: Upcycled post-consumer HDPE plastics
Source: Bali and Java, Indonesia
Produced in Bali, Indonesia

Turntable Casing

Technics 1210 / 1210 turntable casing. Made from 100% recycled plastic with a reclaimed plywood base and crafted dovetail joints by the artisans of Kalpataru.

Materials: Upcycled post-consumer HDPE plastics and reclaimed plywood
Source: Bali and Java, Indonesia
Produced in Bali, Indonesia

Space Available - Works - Turntable Casing
Space Available - Works - Turntable Casing