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  • How does the upcycling process support circular design system?

    Most of our t-shirt are upcycled to maintain the lifespan of garments, reducing waste and the demand for new production. This re-purposing helps lower carbon emissions and energy consumption linked to manufacturing new materials.

  • What are upcycled t-shirt in Space Available made of?

    Our upcycled t-shirts are crafted from a premium fabrication of upcycled cotton sourced from factories off-cut. Every purchase of our apparel includes recycled plastic swing tag. This aligned with Space Available mission to make space for nature.

  • How do I care for upcycled / plant based dyed t-shirt?

    It's recommended to cool wash by hands the upcycled t-shirt / plant based dyed t-shirt with similar colors and to avoid using harsh detergents or bleach to extend the lifespan of the garment.

  • What sets apart  plant-based dyed t-shirts in Space Available?

    Our plant-based dyed t-shirtsare skillfully dyed by artisans with mango, ketapang, mahogany, indigo leaves, and sappan wood bark to reduce the use of toxic synthetic alternatives.