Space Available is a creative platform and ecological design studio on a mission to create a circular future.

Led by a global community of artists, designers, scientists and environmentalists. Connecting the dots between nature, culture and design.

As specialists in circular design solutions, we create spaces, concepts, products and experiences based on the regenerative principles of the natural world. Our holistic approach involves bio-innovation, radical waste recycling, upcycling, future craft and digital communications for the new earth.

Our ethos is built around education, conversation and collaboration. We understand that in order to solve complex problems, we must operate as a collective –  learning, unlearning, and sharing, creating meaningful work for people and the planet.

Join us and make space for nature.

'Making space for nature'

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New System Design - Ten Rules for Ecological Advancement

1. Make Space for yourself and the natural world around you

2. Work to the regenerative and circular systems of nature

3. Do more with less

4. Leave no trace. A zero waste approach

5. Avoid synthetic virgin materials

6. Objects must be easily recycled and repaired within the SA Lab

7. Respect all and understand we are deeply interconnected

8. Make space for community; both locally and globally

9. Collaborate in an open source approach

10. Fiercely experiment and educate through ecological innovation.