SA04: Plants Vs Plastic

Our latest collection delves into the intricate relationship between materials in our modern era, where humankind has shifted from relying on plants and fungi to sustain life on Earth to foraging plastic waste scattered throughout our natural environment. Pop-up recycling labs are built in nature and found ‘waste’ plastic is immediately recycled into design objects found on the expedition. These temporary circular laboratories develop sustainable solutions for recycling plastics in remote areas, using small-scale recycling machines powered by renewable energy sources/ solar panels, making them suitable for off-grid experiences and expeditions. 
The materials showcased in the SA04 collection encompass a diverse range, including recycled plastic waste, mycelium composite, natural rattan, upcycled cotton from garment factories, recycled nylon, organic cotton, and plant-based dyes. These materials are thoughtfully brought together using traditional techniques such as hand-weaving, hand-dying, and hand-sewing, thereby preserving the authentic artisan character.
The garments are skillfully dyed by artisans with mango, ketapang, mahogany, indigo leaves, and sappan wood bark to reduce the use of toxic synthetic alternatives. Moreover, in any instances where natural dyes were not employed, waste textiles were reworkedto create new garments with renewed purpose, and we are now using waste plastic as hardware - showing a strong juxtaposition of plants and plastic displayed on garments.