"The Mycelium Network" exhibition explores fungi through cultural collaboration with Space Available and LA design collective Brain Dead curating works from an international community of artists and designers, including furniture and objects. This exhibition showcases Space Available's Radical Fungi case study, highlighting mycelium as a sustainable material solution. It aims to connect creators and environmentalists while addressing the harmful effects of toxicity and our wasteful culture. 

Mycelium-based design objects created by Space Available studios and grown by MYCL using mycelium spores and agroforestry byproducts. All items in the Mycelium Network exhibition are 100% natural, biodegradable, and can nourish the soil.

The exhibition at Brain Dead's Fabrication Gallery showcases mycelium-based works from various artists and design studios, including Space Available's Mycelium Meditation Chair, collaborations with Max Lamb using fungi waste from Really Clever, mycelium table lamps by Bewilder, Reishi-based speakers from Myco Audio and Baltimore Loth, and organic mushroom stools by Dean Edmonds. 

Launching on April 12, 2023. Exhibition items for sale at Brain Dead LA and Space Available online store.


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