Weaving Ecology at Museum of Space Available

Space Available’s Weaving Ecology exhibition, presented at the Museum of Space Available (MoSa), celebrates the possibilities of weaving in the modern world. Our exploration of the weaving arts began in 2020 with the Meditation Chair – a piece created in collaboration with Balinese artist Nano Uhero, which combines traditional craft methods with materials made from waste-plastics, and progressive design. 

The Meditation Chair became a catalyst for even more woven pieces – furnishings, speakers and accessories, alike – many of which are part of the Weaving Ecology curation. Like the Meditation Chair, these works come courtesy of the Space Available Studios design team and the hands of Nano Uhero and his artisans. They are made from recycled plastic rope, crafted into thoughtful objects inspired by the concept of “making space”. At its core, this is a message about the interconnected reality of the Universe and how we are all one part of a whole. 

Through the presentation of more and more radical weaving works, Space Available hopes to encourage the fusion of traditional, futuristic and ecologically-minded practices, paving a pathway for a more balanced world. 

Weaving Ecology will be exhibited at MoSa from 7 January-12 February, 2023. For images, interviews or more information, please contact studio@spaceavailable.tv

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