CDA003 'Bali Upcycling Workshop'

Join us at the Space Available Circular Design Academy for an immersive journey into the world of upcycling using electronic waste. 


Led by renowned upcycling artist Alfaz Syam and the innovative Circular Design Studio, Space Available. The workshop is designed for both families or individuals of all ages and skill levels and includes sunglasses and gloves which will be your take-away items from the workshop.

Our mission is to spark creativity and transform discarded materials often seen as 'waste' into beautiful products and works of art.


What You'll Learn: Discover the art of breathing new life into discarded electronic devices. In this workshop, you'll acquire the skills to craft unique sunglasses and gloves using broken keyboards and electronic waste. These wearable pieces of art will be available to take home after the workshop.


The E-Waste Crisis: Did you know that 75% of all personal computers ever sold are now surplus electronics headed for landfills? The e-waste crisis is real, and it's time to address it creatively. We will show you how to repurpose forgotten materials and make a positive impact on the environment.


About the Circular Design Academy: Space Available's 'Circular Design Academy' represents a radical shift towards circular design principles. Our mission is to immerse you in hands-on learning experiences guided by the regenerative and circular principles of nature. Join the cultural circularity movement as we explore upcycling, recycling, and biodesign.


Collaboration & Experimentation: Our academy thrives on collaboration and experimentation. The Space Available 'Circular Design Academy' is your platform to experiment with new materials and embrace a systems-thinking approach to circular design.


 Workshop Details:


Class: CDA003 'Electronic Waste Utilization'


Products: BN02 Gloves & BN04 Sunglasses


Instructors: Alfaz Syam (@buttonetwork / @skatesuckers) and Space Available (@Space_available_) 


Location: Space Available HQ / Recycling Centre, Bali 


Date: October 7th, 2023


Limited Spots Available: This immersive workshop is limited to just 12 participants. Don't miss your chance to join us in Bali for this collaborative journey into the world of electronic waste upcycling.


Make a difference and explore your creativity.  Join us at the Space Available Circular Design Academy. 


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Let's build a circular future together! 

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